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A simple way to start sharing your stuff

Stuffwrap is the social networking platform where you can swap, trade, sell and deal with like-minded people in your friend circle. The choices are all yours.

You can grow your networks by connecting Facebook, Google+ and email. You can connect each of those services to see who of your friends is already on Stuffwrap.

List all your HAVE (things , items, services you want to offer) and WISH (everything you want to receive).

Advertise your item for sell/swap, OFFER your item to other people's advertisement. Your social circle can respond to your offer or you can also respond to their offer. After finalizing the swap/sell online, exchange in person or ship it.

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Your stuffwrap network can help you get swap and sell your stuff faster, but knowing where to begin can often be the hardest part.

Stuffwrap is a platform where you turn your wishes to have with the social networking where you don't miss your friends and the other people on the network. List your amazing product and wish what you want in future. You can also swap or sale your stuff among your friends. Share your thoughts about new stuff.

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